Turning Video Views Into Conversations


At Flikli we create animated videos that teach and emote, and we build distribution strategies that turn audiences into customers.


What is Flikli all about?

Flikli was born in 2011, and a lot has happened since. For instance, our clients said they would like to be able to customize their video, so we developed an online video production tool that lets you do just that. Our artists said they preferred working from home, so we developed a rigorous vetting system that allows us to handpick and work with the best creatives in the world. But if there is one key takeaway from our journey, it’s this: there is much more to video than just quality and views.







Are you ready for video?

For video to become successful it has to be produced with a clear goal and a strategized distribution plan in mind. Whether this goal means clicking on an ad, moving a lead to the next stage of a deal, or simply changing the way an audiences thinks, video should always have a specific job to perform. This is why at Flikli we go beyond just producing great video content: we help you create meaningful stories and distribute them to the right audiences, maximizing your success and the return on your investment.


Our Process

Something else we’ve learned over the last 8+ years is how to become a streamlined video production machine. With us, you can get your video produced in as fast as two weeks, while fully collaborating along the way. We also support multiple languages and subtitles, just in case you want to talk to the whole world in one shot.


1. Video Strategy Call

During our free 15-minute Video Strategy Call we will discuss your overall video script, objectives, audience personas, and your distribution strategy. After this, if you believe we are fit for working together, we will provide you with a proposal within 24h.


2. Video Concept Call

We will dive right into the content of your video, such as problem/solution, the storyline, and what actions you want your audience to take after they watch it. After this call you will approve your Video Strategy Roadmap, and production will start.


3. Video Production

Script - The verbal script and the visual descriptions for your video will be created in under 2 days, and shared with you for the first round of feedback. (1-2 weeks)

Storyboard - Our artists will draw all of the main scenes for your video, almost like a comic book version of it. (1-2 weeks)

Animation - In this phase, we will include motion and sound to bring your video to life! (2-4 weeks)

Each stage includes 3 feedback rounds, and our platform allows you to create multiple profiles so your colleagues can easily give their feedback. Typical production times are 4 to 8 weeks, but we also offer rush production options for 2 or 3-week productions.


4. Video Success Call

If you are not sure how to maximize the success of your video on social media, through email, a landing page, or even at live conferences, we’ve got you covered. Our Video Success Strategist will help you develop an actionable and effective video distribution strategy to maximize the success of your video, and we won’t stop helping until you get your return on investment.

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