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Flikli is proud to help amazing brands like your's to grow with video.

Your sales funnel performance is about to take off. 

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Animated video production.

Get beautiful 2-D animated videos for every stage of your sales funnel, prompt your visitors with one focused goal and bring your brand to life.

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Segment audiences

Use video at every stage of your sales funnel to send the right offer to the right person at the right time.


Relevant, engaging and conversion optimized content based on what stage of the sales process the prospect is at.

Fewer gut decisions.

Make stronger business decisions with accurate data about how visitors engage with video content.

Immersive video.

Leverage the legendary power of video to bring your products and services to life. 

Keep your audience fully immersed in your offer to reduce bounce rates and build a deep connection.

Zero distractions.

Buyer psychology. 

Utilize cutting‑edge buyer psychology to capture up to four times more leads and customers. 

Ben Robinson, Founder

"Flikli maximizes the 
ROI of video

..."and the strategy that they helped us develop has led to our list of potential leads rapidly growing.

Keep people engaged. 

Send email notifications for new videos and use custom audiences to retarget engaged visitors or attract new ones. 

Scale exposure.

Easily embed your animated video on product pages, on other websites or share on social media. 

Boost email metrics.

Get higher email click-through rates and engagement with video in your emails. 

Trusted by marketers who work for companies like these:

Beautiful 2-D animation 
that helps you sell

Turn your website visitors into customers.


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Animated video production.

Bring your products and services to life.

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Flikli  - Animated sales video production services

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Practical, tactical, and straightforward advice.

Step-by-Step Playbook: Take immediate control and start winning more customers with your sales funnel.

Competitor Intel: Discover how your competitors are using video to connect with the customers you deserve.

Tactical Steps: Latest information and proven tactics to accelerate the growth of your business using video.

The word's out. Text and images are great for information and browsing, but they suck at selling. With our animated videos you can capture the interest of your visitors using one focused goal, rather than leaving them to wander aimlessly on a website full of distractions. 

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"When you have an audience who see you as a thought leader, you have something no one else does: you have people’s attention."

"Following our success from directly marketing the animated videos Flikli produced for us, the annual sales of partner brands in the UK increased by up to 28%. Just Eat are already making plans to work with Flikli for next year's campaign. We can’t wait to get started!."

IGEN Testimonial

Brands We Help to Transform.

"If you're looking for a way to help you engage with visitors to your website then I genuinely believe there isn't a more qualified or effective organisation working in the US.  We managed to get over 1,100 new customers from the video campaign which is very rewarding."

IGEN Testimonial

"As the National Brand Manager for Relentless at Coca-Cola Enterprises, I used Flikli to engage with our target audience of students. I found the professionalism from concept to delivery exceptional and have now used Flikli on numerous occasions."

Nik Bernard is the National Portfolio Manager at Coca-Cola Enterprises

Nik Bernard
IGEN Testimonial
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Marek Galffy Yo! Sushi
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Marek Galffy is an Area Manager for the UK chain Yo! Sushi

Michael Hewitt Deloitte
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Bex Reilly is a Territory Manager at Just Eat

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Join companies like IBM and Oracle in presenting captivating video experiences that unlock more leads and sales with your sales funnel. 
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Video strategy call.
Script, audience targeting, distribution strategies and advice from our  experts.

Video production.
Script, storyboard, voice over and animation with three rounds of revisions per stage.

Video concept call.
Outlines, concept artwork, video production road map and distribution strategy. 

Video distribution.
Actionable and effective video distribution techniques to maximize your ROI. 

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