Transforming audiences into customers with video


At Flikli we create animated videos and distribution strategies that increase conversions and accelerate deals in your pipeline


What is Flikli all about?

Flikli was born in 2011, and we have produced over 1,300 videos to over 900 customers in over 35 countries. We only deliver amazing content, and our videos have been viewed millions of times. But if there is one key takeaway from our journey, it’s this: there is much more to video than just quality and views.







Are you ready for video?

For video to become successful it has to be produced with a clear goal and a strategized distribution plan in mind. Whether this goal means clicking on an ad, moving a lead to the next stage of a deal, or simply changing the way an audiences thinks, video should always have a specific job to perform. This is why at Flikli we go beyond just producing great video content: we help you create meaningful stories and distribute them to the right audiences, maximizing your success and the return on your investment.


Our Process

Something we have learned over the last 8+ years is how to become a streamlined video production machine. With us, you can get your video produced in as fast as two weeks, while fully collaborating along the way. In the end you get a full Video Distribution Roadmap, as well as a free subtitle file that is supported on all social platforms. At Flikli, all we care about is that you get the best return on your investment by converting your audiences into paying customers.


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