Get Powered Up with Zigi

Wouldn't it be great to get free awards for the games you play on your phone? Zigi is a fun new way to earn powerups for games. As players enter a Zigi spot, they automatically get their reward. Gamers, retailers and game developers win!

The Script

When people are playing the mobile games they love, they’re never more than a few blocks from a retail location. People are playing everywhere -- on their way to work, standing in line, waiting for appointments. Wouldn’t it be great if those gamers got free rewards for visiting retail locations throughout their day? Of course! Now the question is “how”... Well you see, games are made more fun by the power-ups and items players buy as they play. Players need these power-ups to keep on winning and keep the gaming experience fun. But less than 5% of players want to pay for power-ups. Zigi is a fun new way to earn items likes power ups in games. Here’s how it works: Inside the game, Zigi tells players about nearby places where they can get free in-game items. A handy map helps find the location. Any player can get a free game item at a Zigi spot by just showing up there with their favorite game! As players enter a Zigi spot, a notification appears. Walk in and “ta-da!” - you’ve a great power-up that’s free for everyone! Zigi’s a “win-win-win” - gamers get free rewards, retailers get new customers, and game developers get paid! Yes, everyone gets “powered-up” with Zigi. Ready to get started?

"It was a pleasure working with Flikli team on our video for Zigi. Even though we had had some starting storyboard and script, Flikli developed it into a great animation that we and our clients like a lot. Not to forget mentioning that our video stats show user engagement being at really high level. Kudos!"
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Pavel Baiborodin
Zigi - Design Lead