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Don't you wish you could collect photos and images from all your social networks, around the web, your email and text messages? Look no further than WideAngle, where you, and your friends can collect memories in one easy place.

The Script

Haley’s had a busy day. First, she catches Pickles - adorable! Then, while grabbing a post-gym smoothie... During lunch, Haley checks in on her friends, and the people and brands she follows. Pics Galore! First, Jesse on the slopes. Then a hot new pair of gold metallic jeans...and the DJ Belltown set last night. Good thing Haley uses WideAngle to grab what matters - automatically. Here’s how it works: First, WideAngle grabs pics and vids from all her social sites, her devices, even texts and emails. And now Haley’s photos and videos flow automatically to WideAngle Those gold jeans? Instagramed for her friends to comment on. Jesse on the slopes? That’s going to a set! And as for tonight, Haley uses WideAngle to begin a new photo set, and adds Ben and Sarina so they can build the set together. Later at the show, they run into their friend Mark, who snagged an amazing vid! Ben adds Mark to the WideAngle set and he shares his vid... With WideAngle, you can build, edit and share with friends, anywhere! Collect memories together on the go! Anyone in your set can tag friends, add a cute comment, or remove that fugly pic before its posted... Sharing’s a snap. Here’s Sarina running into an old friend. Shared. And what was Ben doing? Shared. What a cute group! Shared. The next morning when Haley checks the set - it’s all there on WideAngle! Likes, faves and comments from Facebook Tumblr, Instagram and more. So cool. So easy. Download WideAngle today for free. WideAngle - discover, remix, and share with friends.