Optimize your health

Flu season is here. What are you doing to prevent yourself from getting sick? Preventative care is all about knowing and understanding how you're doing. Check out Flikli's new video showcasing WellnessFX, a great new service that gives you deep insight into the state of your health.

The Script

You believe optimal health is more than freedom from illness and disease. It’s having vitality and feeling your best - not just today, but for the long run. Wellnessfx helps you get as healthy on the inside as you are on the outside. You need information about what’s really happening inside your body. Preventive care is all about knowing and understanding how you’re doing and being proactive about getting yourself to the peak of health. You need to be able to quickly get understandable measurements of your health, and find a clear path to improvement that incorporates both traditional medicine, and nutritional and lifestyle coaching. That’s where WellnessFX comes in. Because while a physical exam can tell you only so much, a drop of blood tells you volumes more. And you can only improve what you can measure. Once you create your online account, you’ll select the WellnessFX assessment that’s right for you. Give a blood sample at a local lab. Then, you’ll review your results in your easy to understand WellnessFX dashboard. And based on those results you’ll choose a health professional to answer your questions, and get recommendations to improve your health. And then repeat the process to measure your improvement over time. And most importantly, you own your data. You can share this information with anyone anywhere - your personal trainer, your friends, your doctor. It’s up to you. We give you the tools and team to start optimizing your health. Now you can be your “Super You” today, and ride your bike to visit your grandkids. Optimize your health. Get started today with WellnessFX.