Visual Revenue

How Visual Revenue Works

Here is the new Flikli explainer video for Visual Revenue where, in less than 90 seconds, you can find out how this amazing tool can help editors at online news organizations pick the best stories for their homepage.

The Script

The Homepage is just as important as social and search for a news publisher. You, as the editor, are tasked with surfacing newsworthy content, while effectively connecting with your audience throughout the day. You set your homepage now for the audience.... coming to your site over the next hour. Using a traditional or real-time web analytics solution makes it impossible to predict how the future is going to play out. You have 150 stories, 100 positions, and a mass of data - how do you quickly decide what should go where? Visual Revenue removes the complexity of setting a front page by providing real-time suggestions on which story to place in which position and for how long - all while maintaining the tone of your publication. So how do we do this? We combine the science of predictive analytics with your editorial guidelines, intuition and instinct. Go with the recommendation if its a good fit, or choose to disregard it if it isn’t - there’s no substitute for an editor’s judgment. We offer a complete editorial platform. From testing competing headlines in parallel to knowing how each position should be performing at any given time, our platform gives editors like you a unique toolset to promote your content and manage your front pages. Request a presentation to discover for yourself how Visual Revenue supports news properties around the globe and their individual objectives.

"We've seen an increase in more qualified leads on our website, many of which, I'm sure, are down to our video."
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Charlie Holbech
Visual Revenue - VP Operations and Co-founder