"Making Parenting Easier and Keeping Kids Safe"

The explainer video we made for uKnowKids draws on a colorful palette and multiple scenes built with our Cosmo style. We show life at home for families both then and now to create a vibrant set of images showing how different and difficult it is for parents at a time when kids have access to all kinds of social media 24/7.

The Script

There was a time when the family phone was in the kitchen and whenever it rang, Mom or Dad would pick up and ask, “Hello, May I ask who’s calling?”... “Oh hi, Bobby. Yeah, he’s right here.” Just by having the family phone in the kitchen our parents knew who we were talking to and when we were talking to them. We made better decisions just because they were in the room. Our parents will tell you how hard it was to be a parent back then. Fast forward to today... we wish parenting was only as difficult as it was for our parents, before computers and mobile phones. Our kids get calls, texts, and messages we never hear or see, from people we don’t even know. Mobile phones have replaced the family phone; video game consoles have replaced the family game room and it’s information overload for parents. Kids haven't changed, but the tools of childhood have. It’s only natural that the tools of parenting need to change, as well. Family Sense from XFINITY is a Parental Intelligence System.... a collection of smart tools that give you a bird’s-eye view of your child’s digital world. Our Family Map will help you keep track of your child’s location. Family Sense makes it simple and quick for you to understand who your kids are interacting with and what’s being shared - no matter how, when or where they’re doing it. No technology can replace you, the parent. Family Sense makes parenting easier by helping you engage with your kids, educate your kids, and when necessary, step in to point them in the right direction. You might not get an answer to every question, but at the very least you'll know the questions you should be asking. Family Sense from XFINITY. Sign up today, its free to get started.