Ubity (English Version)

Welcome to the new telephony

With Ubity, a cloud telphony platform, you have access to a wide variety of features such as auto-attendence, having your faxes and voicemail sent to your email and a web client module. You can have local phone numbers in cities and countries around the world allowing for mobility and remote access. This is the English language version of the video.

The Script

Ben runs a small yet successful packing company. Thanks in part to his phone system, communication between his different teams has never been so easy. It wasn't always this way. As a company that had just started, Ben had heard that Voice over IP could help him save money, but most providers could only offer costly on-premise systems that are hard to manage and not very flexible. Enter Ubity, a cloud telephony platform. With Ubity, Ben has access to a wide array of features such as auto attendant, faxes and voicemails sent straight to his e-mail, a web client management portal available from anywhere in the world, and more. What’s great is that the only thing to buy is the phones... so the initial cost is far less. Plus moving his phone system becomes easier than ever! Ubity allowed Ben to have people working remotely from anywhere in the country and even the world. Thanks to Ubity’s worldwide presence, it’s easy for Ben to get local phone numbers from several different cities or countries. Now, Ben’s company has 5 offices and 500 employees across the globe. Weekly phone meetings and communications between colleagues in different offices are free of charge, resources such as receptionists and support teams are shared among offices, and business has never been better! Isn’t it time your business benefited from Ubity’s cloud telephony? Contact us to discover what Ubity can do for you.