TCancer Foundation

Don't play games with your health!

This animated public service announcement for the Testicular Cancer Foundation is designed to be clear even if you can't hear the voiceover in loud waiting rooms.

The Script

Sometimes, trying your luck is exciting. Living on the edge and putting yourself out there can give you awesome and unexpected results. But whether you play it safe,Oo you're a regular risk taker, sometimes, you shouldn't take chances. Like while learning how to take care of your physical health. Did you know, that testicular cancer is the most common cancer in men ages 15-35? Men just can't play around with the facts. The good news is, if it's caught early, you can knock out testicular cancer ninety-nine percent of the time. The easiest form of preventative care that you can do yourself is performing a short 60 second self exam in the shower. Here's how you do it: Check one testicle at a time. Hold the testicle between the thumbs and fingers of both hands and roll it gently between your fingers. If you notice any hard lumps, smooth bumps, changes in size, shape or consistency... Don't play games with your health...Make an appointment with a family practitioner or urologist. When detected early, 99% of guys diagnosed continue to lead normal, active lives. So, Keep your eye on the ball… Check yourself once a month! To learn more about testicular cancer and request a free shower card, visit It might just save your life. Testicular Cancer Foundation. Awareness. Education. Support.