Connecting the World's Best Creative Talent with Success

It's hard to sit still while watching Talenthouse's upbeat, enterprise style explainer video. Audio designer Chris Beattie produced this vivacious soundtrack to accompany the shiny visuals and inspiring message of a website dedicated to connecting emerging talent to sponsors and collaborators around the world.

The Script

Imagine if you could collaborate with the world’s best creative talent, who are here on Talenthouse, to work together and be seen by a truly global audience. A Talenthouse Creative Invite will bring your ideas to life and can grow your friends, fans and followers beyond your wildest dreams. Invite other creatives to collaborate with you on our free platform. See your project spread around the world, and pick the best talent to work with. Your creative invite is hosted on Talenthouse and our technology empowers you to embed it on all your social media channels, blogs and websites. Once all submissions are in, Talenthouse invites your friends, and the friends of all participants, and their friends to vote! And through our unique public voting process, your project goes viral. Talenthouse works with brands who are passionate about sponsoring the arts. Based on the success of your Creative initiative, Talenthouse can connect you with brands... who can empower you to make money by creating instead of selling your work. Through this brand partnership, your reach will grow - skyrocketing your career to the ranks of these big artists.Now it’s your turn. Sign up today

"Flikli were great to work with. They supported us throughout the whole process with a very quick turnaround to multiple script edits. We are on our second video with them and highly recommend working with Nathan and his team"
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Jo Burford
VP of Community Marketing at Talenthouse