Subtitling and Captioning That Understands

Did you know there was a model for how subtitles and captions are delivered to live TV? Okay, if you didn't know, there is a traditional model, and it's a little more complicated that it needs to be. Flikli's video for SubtitleCast shows how their technology streamlines multilingual subtitling so that the right on-screen text is delivered automatically during live broadcasts.

The Script

XYZ Broadcasting is a provider of Over the Top simulcasts. Last year they decided to expand their services to other countries ...and for that, they needed multi-language subtitle support. But traditional subtitling just wasn’t working - there were too many technical limitations, like the loss of programming information, closed caption streams, or timecodes when re-encoding the TV channel stream for OTT. So XYZ searched for a solution and found SubtitleCast - “multi language captioning on OTT live channels!” SubtitleCast is a totally new way to deliver captions and subtitles. Traditionally, subtitles were always streamed WITH the video to viewers. Now, with SubtitleCast, you stream your video and we stream the subs to your viewers directly! SubtitleCast uses audio contents recognition technology to identify what is being played on the viewer’s device and instantly pushes the pre-registered subtitle file to the viewer. Now that XYZ is able to reach out to more viewers in different countries without subtitling constraints, their revenue has tripled from international services! Would you like to know more on how you can create more revenue by adding multi language caption support to YOUR live channels? Contact us at to set up a free trial.