The ad personalization platform

Customization and personalization are the norm now, and we get the feeling that we'll be explaining a lot more about technologies that will allow experiences to be cater to each individual person. Here we took our enterprise style to explain one such technology: Struq's intelligent ad serving technology. We showed how the platform intelligently enables businesses to show the most relevant ads to web users by learning what those users do on the businesses' websites.

The Script

If every shopper is unique and every shopping journey is unique, why do most online ads treat everyone the same? Imagine you could show individual shoppers ads that have been personalized just for them and where they are in their purchase journey. Well that’s what Struq does. We call it True Ad Personalization, and it ensures that the user only receives ads that are relevant to them and therefore drastically improves conversions. This is Sophie. Imagine she visits a fashion website for the first time and just looks at the homepage before being distracted. Now, here’s Jen. She goes to the same site, looks at a few things and buys a dress. And Maria... She visited 4 months ago and bought a cardigan and some earrings. Would you want to show them all the same ad? Or would you show them all different ads that have been completely personalized to match their unique shopping journeys? At Struq every part of every ad is truly personalized. There are different types of ad style, call to action, marketing message and product recommendations. There are millions of ways of personalizing an ad. depending on where you are in your user journey. Whatever the size of your business, Struq can help you bring more shoppers to your site with great looking Ads that deliver incremental sales and amazing return on investment. Get in touch to learn more at