Secure. Scale. Adapt.

Have a lot of useful data but are locked down by legal, regulatory and other constraints? With Sqrrl's cell-level security and ability to scale and adapt to a variety of analysis, your data gets integrated in secure and data-driven solutions. This Flikli animated video shows how Sqrrl provides enhanced security that gives you more flexibility with your data. Our team had a lot of fun taking Sqrrl's mascot through the colorful world of big data and data security.

The Script

So you’ve got Big Data, piles upon piles of rich information. Leverage it and you can develop new key insights and drive decision making across your business. Big data can mean big progress. You’re ready to move. But wait. Your hands are tied by legal, policy, privacy, and regulatory constraints, which require you to lock down certain information. These constraints have created a bunch of data silos where all your information sits, under-analyzed and under-utilized. So how can you unlock the power of Big Data? Simple. Cell-level security. And sqrrl gives it to you. Sqrrl’s software is built using Apache Accumulo, which is the Big Data database with fine-grained access controls. Without these access controls, organizations must keep their data separate due to security and privacy requirements. With sqrrl, you apply powerful, precise security and enjoy unparalleled flexibility in providing access to your Big Data. Sqrrl extends the security embedded within Apache Accumulo and makes it easy to use within the your enterprise. Turn-key integration with your security systems enables you to drive new key insights from data and simplifies the development of new applications. How about that?! Enhanced security that makes you *more* flexible in what you can do with Big Data. Secure. Scale. Adapt.