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The weekend is here - what should you do with your family? Introducing Spotivate: making planning family time quick and easy. Think of it as your family personal assistant, directing you to events and activities that are happening around you. It sends you reminders and can help you coordinate with other families. The Flikli team had a lot of fun incorporating memorable activities from our childhood into this video.

The Script

“So...what are we doing today?” You know the world right outside your house is filled with fun stuff to do with your children. As a parent, where do you turn to find out about them? Where do you go for inspiration and fun ideas? Introducing: Spotivate! We created Spotivate because planning family time should be a great experience, not a chore. We get it. We’re parents too. It starts with our hand-picked team of local, in-the-know curators selecting the best family-friendly events and activities in your area. It’s curation with care. Think of Spotivate as your family’s personal assistant, directing you to popular *and* off-the-beaten-path things that are happening around you, sending you reminders, coordinating with your friends, while learning what you like and dislike. Have a question about an activity? Ask Spotivate a question and get an answer. Plus, Spotivate is designed to be as bright and fun as the ideas you’ll find there. It’s available at home and on the go. Sign up for Spotivate and start discovering the best local experiences for your family today. Spotivate