Saba Learning Management

Transformation at Work

In this video, Flikli explains how businesses can use Saba to train their channel partners, franchisees and resellers to increase their business. Using our Enterprise style, we highlight the customized learning experience that Saba can offer across different products, channels and languages.

The Script

In today’s networked economy, you rely on your channel partners, franchisees, and resellers to drive business performance, launch new products, deliver on your brand promise and create new profit centers. Partners that are trained and certified produce greater revenues than those that are not, so building knowledge through training is essential, for your company to be as successful as it can be. But delivering training for multiple products across diverse channels, languages and cultures can be complex, ineffective and expensive. Saba’s Learning Management solves all this. As a streamlined, ultra-scalable, multi lingual system built on 15 years of global best practices working with top companies, it enables you to train partners across the world with the specificity and effectiveness your business demands. Saba’s Learning Management system is mobile and social enabled so that product knowledge is accessible and sharable wherever there’s a point of need. The platform is configurable so that you can create unique workflows and content, and a specifically branded experience for each partner. Its cost-effective, unified virtual classroom capabilities make it easy for you to deliver effective training to learners in any corner of your extended value chain. Saba’s Learning Management system even lets you monetize on your training programs by offering high-value courses for a fee through its advanced ecommerce feature. Contact a Saba representative to find out how you can empower top performance through Learning Management. Saba: the right solution for your extended enterprise.

"Flikli is an incredibly patient and flexible vendor to work with. We are very happy with our video!"
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Shay Berry
Saba - Associate Marketing Manager