Non-Hormonal Relief for Menopause Related Hot Flashes

3D modeling and custom graphics take you down to the molecular level of Relizen's all-natural, non-hormonal menopause related hot flash relief.

The Script

During menopause, changes in the body cause many women to experience hot flashes and night sweats. The leading theory on what causes hot flashes is that the body has a shivering and sweating threshold outside of a thermoneutral zone. Declining estrogen levels during menopause shrink the thermoneutral zone. As a result, normal changes in the body’s temperature end up producing the feeling of hot flashes. Relizen relieves hot flashes by working centrally in the body. Endorsed by gynecologists, Relizen’s active ingredient is a purified pollen extract that has been trusted by over a million women over the last 15 years. The pollen used to make Relizen is harvested from plants native to the cold, arid climate of Sweden . Each pollen grain has 2 primary components: the husk and the cytoplasm. The nutrient-rich cytoplasm inside is what makes Relizen effective at reducing hot flashes associated with menopause. The husk reduces the body’s ability to absorb the cytoplasm and can cause an allergic reaction in some people. To isolate the beneficial cytoplasm, the allergenic husk must be removed. A proprietary Swedish biotechnology process is used to remove and discard the husk while collecting only the pollen cytoplasm. After extraction, the cytoplasm is prepared in a specific formula that's easily absorbed by the body. The prepared ingredients are then sent from Sweden to the United States to be made into Relizen tablets. If you suffer from hot flashes, Relizen may be able to help you. It's clinically effective, natural, and non-estrogenic. Try it today.