The Cloud Contact List

Do you hate keeping track of how to contact people? Or your friends keep asking for your number? Stop the frustrations by storing all your contact details in the cloud with ranjeR and never have to worry about losing information again. With its universal app, you have access anywhere and anytime. Updated your personal details when it changes and contacts automatically see it. The Flikli production team had a lot of fun animating Rufus - a letter from the logo that comes to life to show you the ranjeR way.

The Script

Guy 1: There’s only one of ME. And so many YOUs. I’m getting calls, texts, facebook messages and emails all at once! I wish YOU knew how to reach me now! Guy 2: Hey YOU! The little one got a hold of my phone again... I lost all my numbers and no one knows how to reach ME. (whistling) Guy 1: Who’s that? Rufus: It’s me, Rufus! Sign up to finally have a contact manager that helps you... well... manage! No more updating contact cards for friends who constantly change emails and cell numbers! and no more missed messages since YOU will know where to reach Me! All the info is updated automatically and saved in the cloud - accessible anywhere, anytime from any device. And it won’t disappear, even when your phone goes for a swim. Guy 2; I got a new phone and I didn’t have to import all my contacts! I got a new number, too - but one I’ll only share with my friends. Rufus: You can easily update your reachability on ranjeR. Your groups will see when you’re ready to talk and when you’re unavailable, in real time. Guy 1: ...or when I just need a few minutes without my boss... Rufus: Exactly. You won’t know how you survived without it! Guy 2: And it’s not just a list of contacts. Check this out: It says YOU want to be reached by text now, so when I click on your name I’m ready to text automatically! Rufus: See what I mean? Sign up for a new breed of contact management today! Free and secure. Visit ranjer.com. ranjeR on!