The easy way to park and pay

Analysts predict that by 2017 mobile payments will reach 1.7 trillion dollars worldwide. With QuickPay, customers can find the quickest way to park and pay all on their phone. Plus, they can extend their parking sessions from anywhere. Collect customer data, track users individually and watch your revenues increase!

The Script

Parking is always such a pain... the pay station is so inconveniently placed, and is it even safe?! Where’s the parking attendant? Do I have the right change? Wait a minute... where’s my *ticket*! Help! With all the busy people in this city, there *must* be a smarter way to park my car! There is! I pay for parking with my smartphone using the QP QuickPay app! QP helps me find parking, shows me rates and hours of operation, and makes paying for parking a snap! At some locations, the app even gets me access to premium parking spots, loyalty rewards and special deals! As a QP user, I don't have to worry about losing my ticket or having enough change to feed the meter. QP reminds me when my time is about to expire and lets me pay to extend my session right from the app. QP works in all kinds of parking locations - on-street meters, parking lots and even gated garages - just look out for the QP QuickPay sign! No smartphone? No problem! One text message and you’re paid. I get receipts by email or text message, and manage my account in the app or online. When you take your car out, QP has parking covered. Download the app, create your free account and start parking! QP QuickPay The easy way to park and pay!