What's Your Prediction?

Have you ever wondered how good your powers of prediction are? Check the fun new video from Flikli and get to know Psyqic, a new app that will help you show your friends what a great forecaster you are!

The Script

Jerry likes to make predictions. Like “Which team will win the Super Bowl?” Will Dana become the next American Idol? Who will be elected the next president? “Whose turn is it to wash the dishes?” No, wait... we know that answer Jerry. Jerry uses different apps for sharing his opinions... his pictures... and his location. And when he wants to talk about the future, he uses PsyQic. Jerry shares predictions with his friends... he can see what other people are predicting, and he gets rewarded when he gets it right. You see, PsyQic measures your “psychic” ability based on the accuracy of your predictions so you can establish yourself as an expert forecaster in any field, whether it’s politics... ...sports... ...entertainment... ...gossip... or science. Sign up for free today to find out how good of a Psyqic you are! PsyQic What’s Your Prediction?