How Plink Works

Plink lets the millions of Facebook gamers out there earn credits for their favorite games by dining and shopping with partner brands. Plink chose Flikli to help them quickly show their web audience how their fun online-to-offline loyalty program works.

The Script

"Thanks to social gaming, now you’re a pro at tending a farm, maintaining an aquarium, building a castle, even running a city. Sweet. But even expert builders aren’t always building. You go out to eat. You shop. You hang out with friends. And when you do, you usually go to your favorite stores and restaurants. Now wouldn’t it be great if you could go back to your social gaming worlds with a pocket full of Facebook Credits just from dining and shopping at some of your favorite places. Of course it would be -- and Plink makes it happen. We connect the biggest brands to your social gaming experience so that when you shop with one of our partners and use the credit card you linked to your Plink account, you earn the Facebook Credits you need to build that extra tower on your castle or get those exotic new fish for your aquarium. It’s win-win in the best way. Get what you want from stores and restaurants offline and earn the Credits to do what you want online. Join Plink today for free, register a credit card and start earning Facebook Credits right away!! Eat. Drink. Plink.

"We've used Flikli for two videos now and have always been impressed with the quality of the work and fair pricing. We've already recommended them to a few of our partners."
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Peter Vogel
Plink - Co-founder & CEO