Pelotonics Explained

Drum roll's another explainer video from Flikli! This time we introduce Pelotonics, an amazing tool that makes managing big projects and working in a group effortless and efficient. Here we explain how Pelotonics helps everybody in an organization to work better, faster, and happier.

The Script

Say you’ve got a project. Maybe even more than one. And you have a team of people ready to work with you to get those projects completed well. But once you start to work together, you start to see how tough it is to coordinate with each other in a way that gets things done without it turning into a mess... Everybody’s using different software, you have to email back and forth with everyone creating long, confusing email chains...soon people start to lose track of important dates, information, where the documents are and who’s responsible for what. You’re chasing info while fighting fires and pretty soon everyone’s losing track of what your goals were in the first place. Nope, this is not a good situation. But wait a second. There’s hope. Pelotonics takes the process of working together online with anyone from anywhere and makes it *incredibly* effective and unbelievably easy. With Pelotonics everybody sees all the info you need, live and in one place so that working, finding your information, and reaching your goals seems effortless. Create projects for people, assign tasks and create milestones to keep everyone focused, then share files and discuss them together. Calendars and to do lists make sure everyone uses their time effectively. With Pelotonics, everybody works better, faster, and happier. Sign up for a free trial account to see for yourself how simple online collaboration can be! Pelotonics.

"We are loving it. As of today we are seeing 25% of viewers sign up for the trial account after viewing it while another 15% go on to learn more. I loved working with your group. Flikli made the process easy and we were incredibly happy with the results."
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Jason Karches
Pelotonics - President