TV redesigned for the way you live your life today.

Now that your TV is connected to the internet, your choices for what to watch, record, or play are virtually endless. Panasonic's Life+ Screen organizes your favorite content for you, and automatically adapts its settings to who's watching, what their interests are, and how they live their life. Our polished Cosmo video guides you through the future of onscreen entertainment.

The Script

There are a TON of TV channels, not to mention all the other stuff we do with televisions these days. Once we connect them to the internet, there’s even *more*. Having more choices is GREAT, but searching for what to watch is getting harder! And navigating between shows, video on demand, gaming and the web on Smart TVs can be complicated because everything is stuck in different silos. So people turn to their laptops and tablets, but the screens are too small to really enjoy or share with others. So, Panasonic has set out to reinvent the television for today's world. What if your TV ‘knew’ what *you* love watching...and had it waiting for you when you switched it on? We've made that happen by totally redesigning the interface. No longer in silos, your favorite content flows across the screen, seamlessly bringing together broadcast, video on demand, recorded content, online videos and more! And it’s personalized just for you. Our intelligent TV recognizes each individual member of the family and learns what they love, thanks to an ingenious ‘MY’ button on the remote control which lets you ‘like’ content as you watch. Imagine a TV that recognizes you by your face or voice, so navigating and finding content on your personal My Stream interface is as easy as speaking… Imagine a TV which you don't even need to switch on, because it 'wakes up' when you're nearby, displaying useful and relevant information. This is clearly so much more than a television, so why even call it that? Introducing the Panasonic ‘Life+ Screen’ - changing how you view and discover new content. It's TV redesigned for the way you live your life today.

I have constantly been blown away by Flikli's ability to quickly understand complicated briefs and product functions and then boil them down to immensely creative and simple to understand animations which really sell our products!
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Paul Williams
Panasonic - Assistant GM Overseas Consumer Marketing