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Ready to streamline your abstract management process?

Sometimes organizing conference speakers feels more like directing traffic than reviewing content...You end up spending all your time directing submissions to the left, feedback to the right, trying to get everyone organized! If you're ready to automate and streamline the process, it's time to throw away your whistle and white gloves and switch to Open Water Abstracts. Open Water handles all of your abstracts...All in one place.

The Script

Miriam needs to coordinate the abstracts and speakers for the upcoming conference she's running. She's done this before and she knows just how muddled the process can get. Abstract collection... peer/committee review... speaker scheduling….and book printing… It turns into a downpour of emails, different files flying left and right, and a flood of spreadsheets. Minimizing the legwork of the abstract collection process could really streamline her event preparations. How can Miriam do this? Simple -- OpenWater Abstracts! OpenWater Abstracts studies your specific workflow and needs and builds a system based on their tried-and-true management software. Submissions become a snap -- a single system does it all, no cluttered inboxes or lost abstracts. From the abstracts themselves to speaker and presenter information and every sort of attachment and file format imaginable, OpenWater Abstracts handles it all...and all in one place. That old, manual process of committee review becomes a thing of the past too. Gone are the spreadsheets, and back-and-forth mailing between admin and reviewers. Once submissions are in, notifications are automated. Reviewers log in and review. Just like that. Coordinating the speakers then becomes effortless too. Status reports, confirmations, and book printing are all done in the click of a mouse. Now Miriam is happy and free to work on other event activities. Ready to streamline your abstract management process? Get in touch today!

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Kunal Johar
OpenWater - Operations Director