My Door Handle

The easiest way to find people and places!

Missing house numbers, misspellings, hard to pronounce addresses....Even locations with no addresses at all! We've all been there, wandering unfamiliar streets, increasingly late for an appointment trying to find the exact destination. So replace your addresses with a DoorHandle, your own unique location URL.

The Script

Finding the right address has been an issue that people have been struggling with for centuries. When you receive an address, it’s not always clear how you will eventually get to your desired location-- sometimes the house number or street sign isn’t apparent, or a slight misspelling has misled you, or there are additional steps to finding a place that you just didn’t expect... MyDoorHandle bypasses these issues, by enabling you to create a unique URL pointing to a physical location. Create one on your phone or computer, and share it digitally with anyone, in three easy steps. Simply go to or access it from the mobile app; Input your address and confirm its placement on the map; Fill out additional helpful information or a picture and voila! Your own free digital address! Your handle is checked for uniqueness and can be used to give your location in any situation! Drop a DoorHandle when you order a product online Call emergency assistance in an accident Bring business to your storefront Give a taxi your exact destination ...never be late for a meeting again! You can edit your personal handle online if you move locations, and access past handles to find places you recently visited. Drop a DoorHandle, it's the easiest way to find people and places!