Get Your Mobile On!

Remember when paying for stuff using a mobile phone was unimaginable? In this video for Mocapay, Flikli shows how a business owner can help its customers by making payments easy, helping them track coupons and redeem loyalty awards all within a mobile app. It works with any mobile phone through text, barcode scan or NFC. Pretty soon it'll be paying with cash that's tough to imagine.

The Script

Hi -- I’m Matthew and this is my cafe. My customers are always talking on phones, fumbling for wallets, forgetting loyalty cards. It’s a mess. That’s why I love how Mocapay has mobilized my business. I tried social apps for coupons and marketing, but they all depend on the customer to log in or print out coupons. Mocapay is a one-stop mobile provider that does everything for me. Stevie orders a latte and sandwich. She has the cashier scan a unique barcode or type the one-time use code into the POS to pay for her purchase. Her debit card information is stored in Mocapay’s patented cloud-based vault -- and securely sent to my system. A text receipt is sent right to her phone. Now Stevie can enjoy lunch with her pals! Mocapay built my app then let me launch and track my promotional campaigns too. I can let Stevie know when she’s earned a free latte or remind her about scones with friends on Friday! My customers love the way Mocapay mobilized my existing marketing programs. Now they don’t need to remember to bring their gift or loyalty cards or their coupons. They’re always with them on their phone. Customers can even pay with their credit card using their mobile phone, which means they get rewards from their credit card rewards program *and* from my program! Use Mocapay to meet your customers where they are -- on their phones! Mocapay works with any mobile phone through text, barcode scan, or NFC. It’s easy to integrate with your existing app or 3rd party payment service. Mocapay Get Your mobile on!