Teamwork at the Speed of Thought

Finding it hard to collaborate with team members and customers all over the world in real time? Our explainer video for MightyTeams introduces their iPhone & iPad based platform, which allows you to share your ideas and content, make decisions, and solve problems from anywhere you are!

The Script

This used to be how people met to collaborate. This is how they meet now. Today’s business challenges and opportunities arrive 24/7...and you need to be switched on and ready to act, no matter where you are. Getting in touch with people all over the world is a snap, but working with them in real time is a challenge. How can you and your team share your ideas and content efficiently and effectively from the road? While it’s simple enough to collaborate in front of your laptop or desktop, exchanging ideas and solving problems across time zones and borders is not... Mightyteams’s app-based collaboration platform liberates you from the space around your laptop and desktop and lets you work from your tablet or smartphone wherever you find yourself. With Mightyteams, you and your team can be fully productive from your mobile device. With Mightyteams you work only when there’s work to do and a unique suite of mobile tools maximizes your group communication. MightyTeams gives you everything you need to solve problems, share info, and make decisions from anywhere at lightning-quick speed - all in one dynamic app. Sign up at GoMightyNow.com to experience the future of mobile collaboration. MightyTeams: Teamwork at the Speed of Thought

"We were very pleased with the videos we made with Flikli. It was great collaborating and ultimately seeing our concepts come to life on screen. Recommended!"
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Dmitry Tcherevik
Mighty Teams - President & CEO