Mighty Meeting

The best way to run a meeting from your tablet

Meetings nowadays involve people at their tablets swishing and swiping. In this second video for Mighty Meeting, Flikli shows how to get everyone on the same page with Mighty Meeting for Tablet app. Prepare your presentation on your computer, drop it into the app, and share it with coworkers. Meeting participants can see the slides, share their own and draw on the shared white board.

The Script

At cave meetings, Ug thought he was all that with his fancy drawings and persuasive style. Then came paper and flip charts and attractive hair! Of course the flip chart got smoked out for the almighty laptop. But keyboards are so 20th century. Swish! Swipe! Pinch! Tap! Tablets are what it’s all about now. No meeting is complete without people taking notes and pulling up content on their tablets. It’d be nice if everyone was looking at the same thing though, right? Now they can! Doug, Ug’s direct descendent, has discovered Mighty Meeting. Doug can prep his presentation at his desk, drop it into the cloud and grab his ipad. Whether his colleagues are in the same room or in the same hemisphere they can join the same meeting, watch Doug’s slides, present their own and even share the shared whiteboard. And when the meeting wraps up, he can email the final document to all the participants as a PDF. Wanna evolve your meetings? Get Mighty Meeting on *your* tablet!