Member Directory

Connected, Engaged, Involved

Watch how Member Directory allows you to bring your members together as an association in Flikli's latest video. It integrates with your existing membership system, allowing members to search for each others. Members have control over their own profiles while community managers can analyze member activity and demographics, giving them in depth information about the membership.

The Script

If your members don't have the opportunity to actually associate, can you really call it an "association"? Member Directory, part of the Connected Community suite, is a powerful set of communication tools that has one goal: To bring your members together as an association. With Member Directory, your new association community is full on day one. It seamlessly integrates with your existing association membership system, so all roster information is kept up to date automatically. Members create their own personal industry profile – adding areas of expertise, professional interests, certifications, awards and more. And it’s all searchable by other members in the association, making it easy to connect with friends, peers and mentors anywhere in the world. But members aren't the only ones to benefit. Community managers can analyze all member activity and identify key contributors by tracking how they engage with the site and with one another. And as members share demographic info, personal interests, professional honors and awards with each other, community managers gather more useful data about their membership than they ever thought possible. Connected. Engaged. Involved. By providing members with an easy, compelling way to communicate with each other, you’ll create excited ambassadors who will gladly promote the association's mission, values and benefits. And that means better retention and an increasing number of new members.