Making every lesson better

Mixing tradition with technology, LessonMate brings music and arts teachers an innovative tool that ensures their pupils and families are always up-to-date on the latest lessons and homework! LessonMate's software keeps notes safe and easily referencable so all of your kid's practice sessions end pitch perfectly.

The Script

Every studio wants happy families. But good education depends upon good communication, which can be challenging with traditional methods … … - like email, (...) notebooks, (...) or, worst of all, nothing. Your teachers need better tools. Introducing LessonMate - the best way to share student progress and connect with families! Teachers can create assignments for the week, record unlimited audio and video, embed Vimeo, Soundcloud, and Youtube-all in one place. Students absent? Guess what! No makeups required! After the teacher creates an assignment, a link is emailed directly to the family. Want to view past lessons? All assignments are kept safe and can be referenced any time. Schools communicating with teachers communicating with students and parents... Sound crazy? Not with LessonMate. Anyone can use it. And it works across ALL devices. Create studio transparency, offer added value to your customers, and increase retention with LessonMate. Making every lesson better.

Flikli team= fast, fabulous and fantastic! The experience couldn’t have been easier or more pleasant. Thanks Flikli!
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Laura Porter
LessonMate - Owner