LAVEGO (English Version)

Bargeldlos verdienen. Mit Sicherheit. Mit LAVEGO.

This is a foreign language explainer video made for a German client to show how simple and secure card payments can be with Lavego. This is the English version of the video.

The Script

Hi my name is Florian. A few years ago I opened my own HiFi-Studio. Business runs well, and now I have 3 branches! My customers often prefer to pay by card. At first, I used an internet reseller because I didn’t really think about who takes care of my payments. I didn’t know that nearly everybody is allowed to process card payments. Now I only trust LAVEGO AG with card-payments. LAVEGO provides terminals and financial services specifically for business owners like me. And for my friend Peter, who runs a computer shop. And Andrea - she has a shoe shop. . Of course I can get such services from my bank. But are they really interested in offering me exactly the services I need? I know and trust my lawyer, my accountant and my wife - and of course I want to know who takes care of my card-payments. Terminals from LAVEGO are simple to use, secure and backed by real people that I can call whenever I have a question. The Lavego team has worked for 20 years. They’ve had a licence from Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft since 1997, and are supervised by BaFin and Deutsche Bundesbank. Peter, Andrea and I trust LAVEGO - and you can too. With LAVEGO you get a trusted partner, that takes care of you, your customers and your card-payments. Bargeldlos verdienen. Mit Sicherheit. Mit LAVEGO