Krossover Film Room Explained

Here's another fun Flikli Motion Collage video, this time for Krossover Film Room, the awesome free service that allows anybody to upload game footage to the cloud for viewing and sharing on any device. The Flikli team loves sports and we were more than happy to work with Krossover again, this time with a basketball themed motion collage.

The Script

Close call there, coach. It’s time to review what worked and what didn’t. Your staff needs to go home and watch the game footage, as well as prepare for next week's opponent, that coach from out of state wants to exchange tape, and the team definitely needs a film session. It’s going to be a busy week. But most of them live so far away, that it will have to wait till monday, unless they take a copy with them. Imagine a way to share the game, the whole game, with whomever needs to see it with just a click. Krossover Film Room offers you just that AND it’s completely free. Regardless of file size or format, you can upload that game and share it with your players, coaches, assistants, parents or recruiters then track who’s watched the film. Whoever you choose can watch it on any device, anywhere. Even on that cross-country road trip. Sign up today and make Krossover your virtual film room.

"The Flikli team is on top of their game! For the quality work that they do, there is no better bang for the buck anywhere on the internet."
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Vasu Kulkarni
CEO, Krossover