Introducing Krossover

We used our Motion Collage style to show how, when it comes to sports video intelligence, Krossover is a coach's best friend. Their amazing platform breaks down game footage, extracts advanced stats, and more so that teams can get the edge they need to win!

The Script

Coach Jackson here is quite a guy. A master motivator, a mentor to his kids, and a respected figure in the community. He puts everything he’s got into making the Bulldogs a great team with a shot at the title…which means spending hours at practice, poring over game films late into the night, and even running through the numbers on weekends. He pauses, rewinds, takes notes, keeps track of stats, marks up and shares clips….it’s utterly exhausting…but it’s all worth it for those Bulldogs! Ah yes, Coach Jackson is a true hero…. …until he gets home that is. You see, his own kids don’t see much of him during the season and Jimmy’s grades are slipping, the faucet needs fixing, the lawn’s a mess … all of which has Coach’s wife totally fed up and him in the doghouse…err, “Bulldog” house you could say. Come out of there, Coach. We’ve got something that’ll help you out. No, we’re not going to mow your lawn, but we are going to show you a game-changing app that will save you a ton of time and maybe even your marriage. Introducing Krossover, an innovative online platform that allows you to upload your team’s video footage, have it broken down, and returned to you in a format that lets you search, sort and share all that information with your team and staff. Krossover will even extract stats from your footage, giving you valuable analytics for your squad. Yep, you heard that right- We’ll basically be your video coordinator. Krossover isn’t another one of those complex editing suites with a Space Shuttle-like interface- no, we do all the work so you can focus on coaching, not to mention being a dad and even taking the wife out for dinner now and then. And since Krossover is all online, Bulldog players like Tom get access to the site too so they can view their tagged videos and use them as a learning tool or as a showcase for recruiters.. With a few clicks, Tom can assemble his very own highlight reel and post it to Facebook or Twitter. And he’ll be able to preserve his performances for posterity so his grandkids will be able to see that last-second game winning play! Join Coach Jackson, Tom and the Bulldogs as well as thousands of recruiters, agents , tournament directors and even local media outlets who are already using Krossover. Krossover: Get Your Game Brain On