Knowledge Anywhere

Making EMR Education Even More Effective

We used a vibrant color palette and a panoply of real-life textures here in showing how Knowledge Anywhere's virtual, hands-on training platform provides medical staff with EMR training which is both cost-effective and effective at building skills and knowledge.

The Script

It’s critical for patient care and hospital efficiency that doctors, nurses and hospital staff know how to use your EMR system. Traditionally, hospitals brought their staff into scheduled classes or sent trainers out on site to teach them, which can be challenging, expensive and not as effective as desired. Hospital staff must be educated on EMR, but at a time when funding is on the verge of disappearing, classroom-only training is not the answer. Our Virtual Hands-On Training system allows you to deliver live, interactive, training, but does not require you to be there. It takes the classroom to the students, rather than bringing students to the classroom. This isn’t your typical presentation platform. It’s a virtual classroom where you can engage and interact with students and monitor their progress and activities in the same way that you would in face to face training. It’s a powerful and effective way to learn that allows your employees to stay on site, where you need them most. Whether you’re looking to train a new hire, an entire new clinic, or anyone in between, Knowledge Anywhere’s virtual training platform is a convenient, cost-effective training platform that allows hospitals to put spending where it really belongs. Contact us today to set up a demo to help make your EMR education more effective.