Publish, share, organize, and edit all of your photos and videos online!

A quick look at a tour group is enough to recall just how many billions of pictures are taken every minute, and then stowed away in cyberspace never to be seen again. Flikli's collage style video explores various photogs and explains how each organize and share their media creations with jAlbum.

The Script

Jimmy loves buses. Now he’s up to over 7000 photos of different buses saved on his computer...and more are coming in. He wondered how he could share his photos for others to enjoy, too... Simple! With jAlbum! Jimmy now creates and uploads huge photo galleries to his own website, where looking through photos is easy! Jimmy’s friend, Brian, just had a baby! She’s only 6 months old but he already has a few thousand photos of her! He just wants to show his little one off, so Jimmy got a jAlbum account and shares ALL his pictures - and videos - with friends and family, near and far. Brian’s wife, Sue, is a pet photographer. With so many furry clients, and so many photos, she uses jAlbum to create online galleries and sell her photos to pet owners. It’s the best way to manage and update tons of photos... and make them look great, too! Travel, sports, cars, shoes... whatever your passions are, use jAlbum to present your photos and videos, in beautiful personalized web galleries. Share your galleries, embed them on your website or keep them for yourself. It’s really easy. Just download and install the jAlbum software... drag & drop images, videos or folders onto jAlbum.... choose your favorite skin then click “make album” and upload to any website, blog or your jAlbum account. See for yourself! Download jAlbum and create your first gallery in just a few minutes!