The Made-In-The-Real-World Technology Platform

In our latest video, Flikli introduces a Digital Services Platform created by iYogi. It is a customer management platform for technology based businesses. We take our character through a variety of potential work scenarios where this platform is useful. See how you can reduce costs, increase profits and add new revenue streams while satisfying existing customers.

The Script

Are you an OEM or a Software Publisher whose customers depend on you to troubleshoot their tech problems? Perhaps you’re a Technology Retailer who needs to stay top of mind with out-of-store customers? Could be you're a Telco who needs to optimize each customer transaction? Or maybe you're a business that helps such companies manage tech support for their customers. If you’re any one of these, driving customer engagement and generating new revenue streams from tech support is critical to your business. So is creating subscription-based revenues and increasing customer lifetime. What if you have an intelligent, ready-to-use platform that helps you manage all these tasks? What if the predictive data it generates helps you recommend and cross-sell new products and services to customers? Meet Digital Services Platform, the made-in-the-real-world customer management platform for technology-based companies. From iYogi, the global leader in tech support, the platform built on the experience of millions of users. You’ll reduce costs, increase profits and add new revenue streams while satisfying customers! Email us today, we'd love to share a demo that'll have you wanting more!