How does HumanaVitality Work?

Flikli put this short video together to help explain how Humana Insurance members can earn great rewards through the HumanaVitality program. Some scenes in this explainer may have been inspired by our illustrators listening to Queen's "Bicycle Race" while working.

The Script

Say ‘hi’ to Danny. Danny works as a Project Manager and his lifestyle involves a bit more junk food than exercise, some drinking from time to time, and daily smoke breaks. Thinking about his health was more of an afterthought to him. That is, until Jen at work told him about a program that their company would be adopting that rewards employees for making healthy choices. Earning real stuff just for going to the gym, quitting smoking, taking a quiz, or learning First Aid? Danny thinks it’s a great deal and it’s made him want to be a lot more proactive about his health. He couldn’t remember a time when rewards came this easily. This is Humana Vìtality. With it, whenever Danny or his coworkers do something that promotes their well-being, Humana Vitality keeps track of it, and they increase their Vitality Status and earn Vitality Bucks. These can later be redeemed for rewards such as movie tickets, Viking outdoor grills, Trek mountain bikes, and more! Danny and his workmates love it because they get great stuff while getting fit, HR manager Jen is happy because everyone at work can be healthier and more productive, and if everyone participates, those heavy insurance premiums will keep on going downhill. And it’s free to join for all Humana Medical members, and all members can earn rewards. Call your group health agent now and start earning your rewards. Humana Vitality