Health Options Worldwide

H.O.W. Shows You Where

Struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Not sure when to see your doctor or make an appointment? With Health Options Worldwide, you have an easy and proactive way to manage your health. H.O.W. will access your risks, giving you all the information for you to make decisions to improve your well-being. It's all explained in this Flikli-produced 60 second spot. Watch and see!

The Script

Managing your health can be a challenge. You’ve had to make friends with the treadmill, stopped eating pretzels and became one, drank countless vegetables, and finally kicked your smoking habit. None of that came easy. You get all the check-ups you can think of, but you're not a doctor. How do you know you’re doing things right, or when to make an appointment and for what? Health Care is complicated and confusing. You need a system to remove all the guess work. Health Options Worldwide is an easy way to help you proactively manage your health. Simply upload your health data or answer a few questions and HOW will securely assess your risks. You’ll receive timely, personalized alerts that are easy to understand and even easier to act on. HOW gives you all the information you need to make smarter decisions and improve your well-being. Sign up and help us help you keep healthy.