Intelligent and Timely Decision Making from Big Data

"Decisions, decisions." Repeat that phrase a thousand times fast and you'll get an idea of what Big Data has done to contemporary business operations. Dealing with massive amounts of information from multiple sources is definitely something that lots of businessfolks are trying to wrap their heads around. We made this explainer video to help Guavus show how they organize, analyze and simplify decision making based on Big Data.

The Script

Big data is getting bigger by the day. Several reasons why big data is getting bigger and is so unstructured is because it’s continuously being generated in massive volumes, at great velocities and by a variety of sources and devices. Structuring big data is important because there is great value that can be generated from it, in the forms of insight & knowledge and opportunities for monetization. But traditional data warehouses and business intelligence tools aren’t designed to handle this massive influx of data while generating analytic insights. And this model just doesn’t work in a big data world!! Welcome the Guavus approach. Guavus is an integrated end-to-end data solution with decision making applications for network engineering, marketing, monetization and customer care. We fuse your data together from multiple sources and analyze it before it’s stored, providing you with timely insights across network, device, content and subscriber stats, so your data becomes more relevant and actionable. Our decisioning applications help Line of Business owners improve network performance, increase revenues and enhance customer experiences. Guavus gives you the data you need in rich, easy to use graphical interfaces. Make Big Data work for you. Make the best decisions based on applications that are contextually aware with built-in intelligence. Ask us how you can make more intelligent & timely decisions with Guavus.