Gramble for Players

How the World Plays

Do you like playing social games? What about helping charities and causes? Gramble gives you a way to play games and interact with friends at the same time. When you buy certain items, or click on an ad, a percentage goes towards the causes you support. Watch Flikli's latest video explaining how Gramble works for players.

The Script

So what’s this Gramble thing all about? Short answer: it’s a way to help the world by playing the games that you love with your friends on a unique social network! Sounds great, right? Ok, let’s see how we make this happen: Annie and John love social games. They play everywhere. At their computers and out and about on their tablets and smartphones. Gramble gives them a way to play games and interact with friends at the same time, no matter where they are or what device they’re using. Now check this out. John starts a game on his tablet while he’s having breakfast. He saves his game and picks up exactly where he left off on his smartphone during his commute. He can also update Annie, who's playing on her computer, on his game progress using the global chat system – even though she's playing a different game! They can also chat about the causes they're supporting: Annie is focused on dolphin conservation while John is passionate about improving third-world labor conditions. When either of them does something in Gramble, like buy in-game item, or click on an ad, a percentage of money goes to a charity that they’ve selected on Gramble. What’s more, they can customize their experience by adding games, friends, game creators and charities to their “star list” and they’ll get updates and content related to everything that interests them the most! Are you ready to do good while you game with friends? Sign up to the network that mixes free fun with altruism and get started! Gramble How the world plays.