Gramble for Game Developers

How the World Plays

Are you a game developer? Then Flikli's latest video is for you! With Gramble, you can concentrate on building great games, while supporting charities and causes. This video was made for Gramble with game developers specifically in mind.

The Script

Gramble knows that behind every great game are talented developers who deserve recognition. After all, it takes skill and vision to bring something out of the imagination and onto the screen. Without developers, there are no games; our favourite global hits would be nothing more than cool concepts. As a developer, Gramble gives you the chance to really shine AND be fully rewarded. You own 100% of your's your baby. You concentrate on building great games, implement our SDK and let Gramble sweat the social stuff. Even better, Gramble is a social-gaming network that cares. We work with a six-billion-dollar funder of charities to enable people. who love social games to support the causes they care about by playing on our network. The day of the game developer has arrived. Publish your games in a wide-open market space and have the opportunity to become a bona fide superstar as Gramblers add your games to their star lists. Are you ready to step into the spotlight? It's as simple as registering, plugging our user-friendly SDK into your games, and engaging with the Gramble community. Your path to success and stardom starts here. So c’mon, what are you all waiting for? Register at Gramble How the world plays.