Gramble for Charity

How the World Plays

In our latest video, Flikli explains how Gramble, a social gaming network, allows people to play the games they love while supporting a charity or cause. By clicking ads, purchasing items in the game or other actions, players can send a percentage of money to a charity. By partnering with Gramble, you can get your charity on the screens of gamers everywhere.

The Script

Gramble is re-defining the way people donate and connect to charities. Here’s how Gramble can help you turn the popularity of social gaming and social networks into funding and communities for your charitable cause with minimal effort and no cost. The games that people play and the ways they socialize have changed through the years. And so have the ways people support the charities and causes they believe in. Gramble is a social gaming network that allows people to play the games they love with friends. And here’s the great part - everything a Gramble user does supports a charity or cause. Ad clicks, in-game purchases, and more send a percentage of money to a user’s chosen charity or cause. They can even directly donate amounts of their choosing. It’s an effective and engaging new way to spread your message and gain support among the millions of people around the world who enjoy social games. Partner with Gramble and get your charity and causes on the screens of fun-loving people everywhere who want to help. Gramble. How the world plays.