Send your old router into retirement!

In this explainer video we decided to give old routers a well deserved retirement plan on the beach, to make way for an up-to-date and well equipped FlashRouter. Our vintage style video and quirky script let viewers know that instead of hanging on to their oldtimers, it may soon be time to make the switch!

The Script

Your router is behind the times... it has problems understanding today’s films and new technology. Your router needs more than just a reboot - it needs retirement! If your wireless connection is slowing down your devices, it's time for a premium WiFi network! FlashRouters upgrades the best brand name routers, adding enhanced firmware to make them ready for next-gen networking needs. Whether you’re looking for a basic upgrade, better wireless range, or improved security, a FlashRouter does it all. Get improved stability, performance and integrated advanced functionality that stock firmware doesn’t have! Even in a large home or with thick walls where you need more coverage, FlashRouter offers out-of-the-box improvement or can act as an extender for those hard to reach areas. Concerned about online privacy? FlashRouters works with the top VPN service providers to anonymize and encrypt your network. Plus with VPN service you'll gain worldwide access to most popular streaming content. Don't want to affect your current setup? FlashRouters specializes in the dual router setup: Add a FlashRouter to your current setup for a segmented home, business, or VPN dedicated gateway. Choose either local, or VPN connection for any device, anytime. So put that old network into retirement and rejuvenate your WiFi! Get a superior networking experience with a FlashRouter! FlashRouters - Better Routers, Better Internet.