5th Finger Responsive

Innovative Responsive Design Technology

In this third video Flikli made for 5th Finger we explain how responsive web design is easy with 5th Finger Responsive. There is no need to completely rebuild your website - you can responsify your existing website saving you time and money.

The Script

Okay - so 5th Finger’s a leader in mobile solutions. But what exactly does this mean? Well, let’s take the case of Darryl and Nicky. Darryl’s, the head of IT and Nicky is the VP of marketing of MegaBikes Incorporated. They collaborated on this website... ...and this mobile website... ...to sell these premium bikes. Sweet wheels! The mobile website? Not so much. It’s a standalone mobile site, which means Darryl has to add features to both sites separately - which is costly. And Nicky’s fielding complaints galore. They know that responsive web design is the perfect solution to all of their problems. But responsive web design requires Darryl to rebuild the website from scratch. That’s where 5th Finger Responsive comes in. 5th Finger lets them ‘responsify’ their *existing* desktop website. By redefining the page flows and adding our patent pending 5th Finger’s Responsive java script tags to their existing site, Darryl and Nicky get their existing site responsified without having to rebuild their entire website, which saves them time, and money. Naturally, these two think it’s awesome. Sound great to you too? Get in touch today to learn more and start on *your* responsive website. Live mobile, breathe results.