Fete Beget (for Vendors)

Search Simplifed & Beautified

Stand out from the crowd by listing your business on Fete Beget. In this video we explain how event vendors and service providers can showcase their talents and services on the Fete Beget site. We walk through the website and highlight how their listing will be placed on the site

The Script

Party and event vendors know it’s a competitive market and letting people know about their services is the first step to success. We’re here… to provide a better way for you to be seen. Welcome to Fete Beget! An online space... solely dedicated to showcasing party vendors and service providers. Far from the usual cluttered, distracting vendor directories, ...where your information is buried on some multi-purpose site - On Fete Beget, your information IS the site. Fete Beget presents potential clients with clear and beautiful first impressions... using large, high quality photographs. Here’s the best part... with a monthly subscription option and a cancel-anytime policy, you aren’t tied to an annual contract. So sign up today and get noticed! Fete Beget. Search Simplified and Beautified.