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Being fun-loving Flikli folk, we here love a good party and know that planning them can be a real pain sometimes. We were able to throw in a good dash of empathy for party planners in creating this video. We used a customized version of our vintage style to show how planning, working with vendors, and sharing party info is completely streamlined and beautified by Fete Beget.

The Script

You're going to have a party! Now you have to find all the experts to make it happen You've gotta start someplace, so you pick venues. You search the net, weed venues down to a few choices, search for the photo gallery, look for contact info, write it all down... … and... Phew! Wait, you have to do the same thing... ... for the other vendors! And doesn't your mom, best friend, fiance and your dog want their say, too? Now you’ve somehow got to send them this mountain of information so THEY can relive the horror!! Thank goodness there's Fete Beget! Here you’ll find all the experts you need to throw the party of your dreams! Free of banner ads and other distractions, our simple, easy to use site features large, beautiful visuals. Browse countless photo galleries without leaving the page! Found something you like? Simply add it to your favorites. Go back any time to review the vendors you chose - all in one place. And go ahead - share your favorites with anyone you like. Fete Beget. Search Simplified and Beautified.

"I had about as good an experience as one could with Flikli. From their easy going manner, to their can do attitude, to the quick turnaround, to the fact that they "got me". Total pros through and through. They are true to their word and they deliver!"
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Alfredo Corona
Fete Beget, Co-founder