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Change the way you fly

Sick of always getting stuck in the middle seat when flying or not being able to sit with your travel companions? Expert Flyer's Seat Alerts automatically notifies you when your ideal seat assignment on a flight becomes available. Even set an alert for any seat on a full flight and ensure you don't get bumped off. All you need to do is set your preferences and Seat Alerts will do the rest

The Script

Expert Flyer Free How many times have you booked a flight to find that the only seats available are middle seats, or you can’t sit with your traveling companion without paying extra for two seats next to each other? We all know it’s hard to get a better seat, but now you can let Expert Flyer Seat Alerts search for a better seat for you and be automatically notified if one becomes available! It’s easy to get started. Using either the website, or our iOS or Android apps, enter your flight information and then select the type of seat you want such as a Window, an Aisle or even two seats together, and ExpertFlyer will automatically notify you if the seat you want becomes available. With Seat Alerts, it's easy to avoid this scenario. You can even set an alert for any seat on full flights to make sure you get a seat assignment and don't get bumped from your flight. Seat Alerts from ExpertFlyer will change the way you fly.