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The missing link in the continuum of care

In this Flikli explainer video, we show how ESO Hospital Data Exchange allows you to see the whole picture of patient care. By connecting hospitals and EMS, patient data is instantly and securely shared regardless of the file format of the data. All reports are digitized and are automatically attached to patient records so doctors can make well-informed treatment decisions.

The Script

Today’s healthcare environment is changing. There’s now a greater focus on accountability and the continuum of care. Sharing patient data between hospitals and EMS is more critical than ever before. But there's a problem. Because hospitals and EMS record their patient data using different data standards, there just isn't an easy way for them to communicate. Thankfully, there’s a solution to this communication roadblock, and it’s called ESO Hospital Data Exchange. Hospital Data Exchange enables EMS and hospitals to share patient data instantly and securely. It helps hospitals streamline the ER and get the complete picture they need to make better-informed treatment decisions, and enables EMS to quantify the care they are providing on 100% of their patients. How does it work? ESO Hospital Data Exchange translates the different data languages so that EMS and hospitals can talk to one another. And once an EMS agency or hospital is connected, it can automatically receive data from anyone else on the network—in ANY data format. With Hospital Data Exchange, a copy of the patient care record is automatically attached to every EMR — regardless of what ePCR system is used. What's more, Hospital Data Exchange provides the raw data hospitals need to report to trauma, cardiac and stroke registries, trend populations and develop metrics. And with the ability to quantify care on 100% of their patients, EMS can institute quality management programs based on hospital outcomes. Plus,they get the patient information they need to bill for services more quickly and efficiently. All this results in improved patient care. ESO Hospital Data Exchange – the missing piece in the continuum of care.