You don't just contain costs, you reclaim them!

Check out the expressive looks on the faces of our sketchy style cartoon characters as they go from overwhelmed to overjoyed with the help of ePlan's health fund savings solutions!

The Script

This is you: a health plan payer, third-party administrator, or self-administered health fund. Much as you'd like it not to be, cost containment of out-of-network claims is a daily reality of your business. The problem is, most cost containment vendors are not very thorough. In fact the out-of-network claims "solutions" they provide are based on secondary and wrap networks or prearranged service agreements with the care and treatment facilities. They're not really working as hard as they could be in your interest, or at all. You end up with a substandard 10 to 25% savings. To get the substantial savings you want, impressive savings, even -- look to ePlan. ePlan offers an industry-leading success rate and average savings rate. Plus, funds discounting claims by usual and customary are saving more than 46% on top of their UCR savings. The optimal savings we deliver you arrives through a detail-oriented, people-driven approach we call "Eyes on Every Claim". ePlan works with certified medical coders and practitioners to painstakingly build cases based on an extensive review of documentation. Using these findings our negotiators then negotiate on your behalf and obtain signed agreements with providers, ensuring savings far greater than UCR discounts. We do the hard work on every claim so you don't just contain costs, you reclaim them! ePlan

"We couldn’t be happier with our experience with the Flikli team. They were insanely intuitive in providing to us an incredible and creative animated sales tool, and the process from start to finish was exciting and painless. They delivered our piece ahead of schedule and our sales team is very eager to debut it!"
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Nicole Nichols
ePlan - President