Your Private Neighborhood Network

The friendly color pallette replete with shades of blues and oranges brilliantly communicates a soothing and neighborly feel to our eNeighbors explainer video. Coupled with the smooth "pop" transitions and detailed neighborhood visuals, any audience is easily lulled into getting started with this app!

The Script

We believe that your neighborhood is so much more than just a place to live – it’s a community of people who are there for each other. And we’re dedicated to making your community stronger by connecting you with your neighbors. We’re eNeighbors - a private online social network already working in hundreds of neighborhoods, where people are discussing neighborhood news, organizing social events, and getting help from their neighbors right now. Share photos and videos with your community. Post classified ads. Ask questions and get referrals. Organize events and meetings. Or help and support others in need. eNeighbors is a private and secure website - so only you and your neighbors are invited to join the discussions. Welcome to the neighborhood. Sign up for your free account today. Just enter your street address to get started.