Dezide Wind

On and Offsite Troubleshooting for the Wind Manufacturing

This Flikli creation illustrates the capabilities of Dezide, a powerful troubleshooting tool for the wind industry. Dezide provides the flexibility necessary for accurate and speedy solutions available both on and offline. Sound too good to be true? This video explains why it’s not!

The Script

Troubleshooting is a complex process, but it’s essential. And when issues do arise, Dezide is there for you. Dezide is the leading guided troubleshooting system for the wind industry. It’s automated, ... intuitive and can import and analyze sensor data and alarm codes in real time, thus reducing the probability of arriving at false conclusions or taking unnecessary steps to reach your solution. And when your problem can’t be handled remotely, field technicians can use Dezide Offline. Dezide Offline Troubleshooter already has all of your case’s information stored, including troubleshooting steps already taken by the agent. And as your issues are solved, Dezide’s advanced technology becomes even more intelligent, logging all steps taken to solve the problem and creating detailed statistical reports. The self learning system continually improves itself, so problems can be solved even faster in the future. It’s advanced technology wrapped in an easy-to-use interface and it’s available internationally. Let’s make wind even more efficient. Contact Dezide now to learn more about our products and keep your business running smoothly.