Dezide Telecom

Portable Guided Troubleshooting At Your Fingertips

For our third explainer video with Dezide Advisor, the Flikli team stayed true to the enterprise style design previously established in our Dezide Wind and Dezide Manufacturing explainer videos. The series provides a consistent and articulate repertoire for the Dezide software suite, and is a great example of the wide range of products that can be explained in a set of short video bites.

The Script

Telecommunications customer service is complex, but it’s essential for every organization. So when issues arise, Dezide is there for you. Dezide is the leading guided customer service system. It’s automated, intuitive and can import and analyze customer account and billing data - as well as technical diagnostic data - in real time, thus reducing the probability of arriving at false conclusions - or taking unnecessary steps to reach your solution. Dezide offers a self-service tool so you can solve problems on your own with the help of data from our system, via the web, your smartphone or our call center. Our solutions are automatically adjusted based on customer information. Agents can look up client account information, and get on the fast track to a solution. As customers’ issues are solved, Dezide’s advanced technology becomes even more intelligent, logging all steps taken to solve the problem and creating detailed statistical reports. The self learning system continually improves itself, so problems with telecommunications products and services can be solved even faster in the future. It’s advanced technology wrapped in an easy-to-use interface and it’s available internationally. Let’s make customer service more efficient. Contact Dezide now to learn more about our products - and keep your business running smoothly.